Reasons to Move

A survey[i] was taken a few years ago of seniors or boomers considering a move to a different housing environment.  Listed below is the primary reason why a move was considered (and a % of the respondents who listed the same);

  • Maintenance (42%)
    • Yard work and resources to maintain
    • Home deterioration and repair
    • Responsibility for caring for a home
  • Health issues (34%)
    • Anticipated need for ongoing medical help
    • Reduced physical capacities
  • Downsizing (10%)
    • Home too large / 2 story / has become a warehouse
    • Kids gone / unused space
  • Loneliness (Looking for companionship) (6%)
  • Transportation / Security (6%)
    • Security – don’t feel safe or comfortable in current surroundings
    • Too much traffic and noise
    • Cannot drive anymore

As you can observe, there are many reasons a senior of boomer may elect to make a move. A “lock and leave” housing environment may also be desired to afford travel or flexibility to make unplanned visits.  Some retirement type facilities provide meals that can be useful if meal preparations are needed or desired.

In summary, evaluating one’s own reasons is important to determine if it is logical to make a move.

[i] Moving in the Right Direction, Bruce Nemovitz