Farkle Odds

The Solarium

Farkle is an old dice game popular at parties and in bars. It’s a folk game, so the exact rules and scoring vary from place to place. I was introduced to the game on Facebook, where there is an online flash version. Basically, the game is played in rounds. During each round, you roll up to 6 dice. Certain die combinations are worth points. If you score some points during a roll, then you must take at least some scoring dice away and add those points to your point total for the round. Then you have the option of rolling again or standing pat. If at any time you roll and you don’t score, you “Farkle” and lose all of your points scored so far for the round. If you stand pat, then you can “bank” your points from the current round towards your total points for the game…

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Senior Preferences

We have come to realize that most seniors prefer to “age-in-place” rather than downsize to a more senior friendly home, live with family, more to an assisted living facility, or employ home heath care services.  Seniors appear to have an intensive desire to be independent and may not want to discuss, even with their children, alternative living environments even if they have day-to-day issues with their current living environment (usually in their existing home).  Financial considerations frequently have a serious impact on these types of decisions.  The question is, how can one reason with senior adults to at least have a conversation about alternatives that should be considered while being sensitive to their emotions ?